Planning Services

Sometimes we just need to open a dialogue and talk about your case(s).  This can be because you have a case in which its approach does not perfectly fit the usual workflow.  Or your case is complex, and there are several possible ways to approach it.  You may have your own 3D printer and wish to work with us just for the design portion of the process. 

Is your situation represented by any of the following?

You tried the Wizard.

  • And it does not seem that your case fits into any of the results.

You Have a Complex Case.  

  • Are one or more of the below true in the case you are developing?
    • Full arch immediate temporization.
    • Bone reduction guide.
    • Requesting pre-surgical osteotomies in a bone model.

You are a Dental Laboratory.

  • And you would like to partner with us in the design of surgeries, surgical guides, and the printing of the guides.

You are a dental clinician.

  • And would like to partner with us in the planning process, but you would like to print the surgical guides on your own local 3D printer.

If any of these represent your situation, please contact me using the form linked to the button below.  Thanks!

Workflow Consult

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Denver, CO

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