Protocol PCO-DT:  Partially Dentate / CBCT+Optical / DeskTop Scanner

This is the most common protocol for setting up a CT guided implant case.  Thanks to the magic of point cloud merging, there is no need for any scanning appliance whatsoever.  This is the new norm for most surgical guides.  Essentially, no scanning appliance is needed because the existing teeth are tasked as markers.  Because there needs to be a good dispersement of markers, this technique requires that the patient have at least 3 teeth (and/or healing abutments) with an AP (Anterior-Posterior) and left-right spread of at least 20mm (i.e. almost all partially dentate cases).

Facilities / equipment needed:

Items required:

    For CBCT:


    1) Plaster model of the arch in question.

    2) Optional:  Model of opposing arch if articulator setup is to be used for the waxup


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