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Medical Models are Cool, but Sometimes an Image or Video is More Impactful

The core “under the hood” procedure of creating a medical model is a process called “segmentation”.  This is when we analyze the CBCT and separate out structures that get in the way of visualization (and/or printing) of the target anatomical structure(s).

Sometimes, it is more effective to offer visualization in the form of 2D and/or 3D images.  For example, the impacted canine case shown in the looping movie above is actually an STL file from a segmentation.  This file can be viewed, under control, and from any angle, by the clinician or patient in any STL viewer.

Once surgery is scheduled, a model can be printed, so that the surgeon can pre-surgically choose and prepare the brackets and chains to attach to the impacted canines.

(CBCT data provided by Dr. Christopher Hutton, Racine, WI)

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