Medical Models

Professionally Planned and Printed Medical Models:

Medical Models represent a disruptive application of 3D printing.  Using the CT scan you upload, we perform the segmentation, clean the artifacts, and print the model.  Because we use Formlabs High Resolution 3D printers, this at a price that is 1/6th of the price that the big European company charges for the same.

This especially makes this procedure cost effective when considering pre-surgical fabrication of titanium mesh barrier for grafting.  Not only does this technique increase the accuracy of the fit of the mesh, it reduces operating room time drastically, saving both the patient and the surgeon cost.

Medical models in dentistry have numerous applications.  The most common applications are:

         Surgical rehearsal.

         Pre-surgical restorative fabrication

         Supportive plate fabrication.

         Titanium mesh barrier fabrication (i.e. for BMP grafting procedures).

         Patient education.

Presurgical osteotomy and conversion appliance (click to enlarge)

We gather all data for you:

     Interacting with your imagining center, the radiology technician, and/or the surgeon’s staff to     acquire the CBCT data in the correct format.

     Communicating with you or your laboratory to acquire the appropriate scan files.

Dr. Tim Hart, prosthodontist, merges all files and designs your model.

     The first step in medical model creation is segmentation:

         Separation of the target bone region or organ from the surrounding tissues:

     Often a custom filter is utilized:

         That involves point cloud merging of an optical model into the CT scan..

In cases where the bone model is involved in implant placement (like in the illustration above), we coordinate your restorative treatment plan with the bone reduction guide, the bone medical model, and the pre-surgical osteotomies that we incorporate into the model.

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