Protocol ECO-DT:  Edentulous / CBCT+Optical / DeskTop Scanner

Since the adaptation of the surgical guide is derived from an optical scan (and not the CBCT), this protocol provides the ultimate in accuracy and fit of the surgical guide.  It can be inconvenient when a CBCT and and a desktop optical scanner are not in the same location, but the high accuracy is worth it in our opinion.  This technique is published as an article on LinkedIn: Scanning Appliances are so Yesterday. Meet the “Stack Merge”!.

Partially Dentate  //  CBCT+Optical  //  Noisy CT Scan

Facilities / equipment needed:

  • CBCT scanner
  • Desktop Optical Scanner (Your Dental Office or Dental Laboratory)

    Note: If you have an intra oral scanner, click here for that protocol

Items required:

  • 1) Patient’s existing denture (provided it is suitable for the treatment plan), or 
    • Denture waxup (if patients VDO, etc is being changed), or
    • Duplicate of denture if patient refuses to drive toothless from the CBCT to the Lab with his/her denture in a box, or if the lab is at a distant location (see Item 3c under “Procedure”).
  • 2) Suremark VF-20, V-20, or CF-23 marker tapes with dimensional ball
    • We use the V-20          <— (Click to zoom)
    • Here is a link to Suremark’s site page with these products on it: Suremark Dental Markers
  • 3) Cotton rolls

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