Protocol PD-D:  Partially Dentate / CBCT-Only / Dual-scan Technique

This is an easy, but outdated protocol.  Back in the mid 2000’s, there were not as many Intra Oral or Desktop optical scanners in use, so scanning a model with a CBCT scanner was often the only option.  It is also a less accurate approach, since it relies on a CBCT scan of a stone model, and density variations in the model can effect the accuracy at the surface, the most crucial aspect for proper fit of the surgical guide.  Please make every effort to locate an optical scanner, desktop or Intraoral, before resorting to this not-preferred approach.

Facilities / equipment needed:

  • CBCT scanner only

Items required:

  • 1) Stone model of patient’s arch in question.
  • 2) Stone model of waxup (or same model as #1 with barium wax waxup).  Note, if this is a single posterior tooth situation, and you just want the implant in proper arch position, we can provide a digital waxup.
  • 3) Cotton rolls
  • 4) Styrofoam block (correct size to support model)


IMPORTANT:  Pre-Surgical Procedure:

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