Trumergence’s Core Philosophy:

Any patient who agrees to (and pays for) a CT or Conebeam CT owns the data derived from that study.  He/she deserves to have this owned data directly linked to implant placement.  This benefit for your patient can be accomplished with a computer guided surgical template; either a pilot drill template or fully guided.  We are here to help you provide this new standard of implant care for your patient.


From 1997 to 2017, I operated a Prosthodontic practice in Shorewood, Wisconsin.   I have always believed that when a CBCT is taken in anticipation of implant placement, it was inappropriate (actually, kind of silly) not to link that CT data directly to the implant surgery. A core principle of my practice  has been to always provide this link while caring for our patients.  Therefore in most instances in which a CBCT was taken, I created a CT-based surgical guide.  Usually pilot guides were used (for compatibility with the surgeons), but sometimes fully-guided.  Once Anatomage came out with their surgical guide offerings (I assisted in beta testing for that product), CT-linked surgical guides became cost effective and totally competitive with plaster-based guides designed in the dental laboratory.  

Then, in 2012, Formlabs released the first desktop Stereolithography (SLA) printer (due to resolution and strength, SLA is the only desktop-useable 3D printing technology suitable for surgical guides).  At about the same time, a few implant surgical guide platforms converted to open source output.

I was noticing that many of my SE Wisconsin colleagues were asking me to create surgical guides for patient care I otherwise was not involved in.  So, in 2009, I formed Trumergence LLC to offer surgical guide design.  In 2014, I added actual printing of the guides to my colleagues.

2017 brought the retirement-related sale of my practice to an excellent prosthodontist; Dr. Carolyn Griffin.  This fit into the goals of our entire family living in Seattle, San Fransisco, and Milwaukee.  We all moved to the Denver area at approximately the same time.

Trumergence, LLC is now a Colorado licensed business.  We offer surgical guide services to surgical providers, restorative dentists, and dental laboratories.  The value proposition to work with Trumergence is that the surgical design is being accomplished by a licensed and medically insured prosthodontist.  This is especially a value to a dental laboratory, in that it delegates the responsibility and liability of surgical design and implant placement to the DDS surgical planner, not the laboratory.

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Tim Hart, DDS MS


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