Implants and Technology

Our office offers you the newest in technology for your implant, prosthodontics, and dental care.  In fact, we offer a few technologies that do not even exist in any other Wisconsin dental office.

IMPLANTS:  Components

Click on the image below to learn about the “parts and pieces” of dental implants, or click on the “” menu to the left for additional implant related options.

Parts of an Implant

Custom Abutments

Surgical Guide

IMPLANTS:  Types of implant care

Single Tooth

Fixed Bridge

Over denture

Fixed Full Arch

TECHNOLOGY:  Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Located in our Facility

We were the first restorative office in the state of Wisconsin to offer a Cone Beam CT.  This greatly streamlines your implant diagnosis and treatment.

TECHNOLOGY:  Microscopic Dentistry / We Have a Microscope in Every Room

Many of your procedures, including crown preparations and even fillings, are performed under high magnification under a microscope or loupes.

We can see your tooth at the same size, or larger, as you see the size of your own hand as you view it.

TECHNOLOGY:  3D Printing - Only Office in Wisconsin

We are the first office in the Midwest to engage 3D printing technology on-site in an incredibly successful effort to fabricate extremely accurate implant surgical guides for our patients.  In fact, we are so recognized in this field, that we design surgeries and 3D Print surgical guides for several other surgeons and dentists in our area, for cases that are not our patients.

Do not gloss over this.  This is truly a big deal for patient safety and outcome.

TECHNOLOGY:  Electronic Handpieces;  No More High Pitched Whine

We use electronic handpieces (handpiece is dentist-speak for what you call “the drill”.  But, actually we almost never use drills, rather, fine diamond and carbide burs). Unlike the old air driven handpieces that many dentists still use, electronic handpieces allow for nearly zero vibration, and WAY higher precision in preparing your tooth, especially for a crown.

Precision is the name of the game, and there is no way old-style, whining handpieces can match the precision of an electronic handpiece, especially under the magnification of a microscope!

Denver, CO